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Your credit report must contain at least one account that’s been active in the past six months for FICO to generate a credit score for you. Without a credit score, the credit card company is more likely to deny your application because it can’t gauge your creditworthiness. If you’re just starting out with credit, consider a secured credit card or student credit card to get your credit history started.

I could not get approved for a credit card before I applied for Care Credit because my credit history was short and mediocre. But from what I heard from people who work in the medical field they look more at things like on time payments to make a decision vs. just your credit score alone.

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You may be tempted to simply swipe your credit card and pay it all off, but swapping medical debt for credit card debt is almost never a good idea. Here’s why. Medical debt may not affect your credit.

In fact, with a credit score below 580, it would likely be impossible for you to qualify for a mortgage. With a score between about 580 and 670, your options for mortgages would likely be limited to.

 · After about a year of timely payments, you may qualify for an unsecured credit card, presuming no other negative information is added to your credit report. Many secured credit card issuers will accept a security deposit as low as $300.

Claim Mortgage Interest The mortgage interest statement (form 1098) you receive should show not only the total interest paid during the year, but also your deductible points paid during the year. You may be eligible to deduct your points, regardless of whether you or the seller paid them.

 · Keeping it open should boost your score if used right; just beware of its high APR. The payments were to start 30 days after the procedure with 0 percent interest as long as the balance was paid within the promotional period. The limit was $2,000. This is my first credit card, and I only have student loans and my car loan balance on my credit reports.

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