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Digital Rendering Representing Industrial Architecture in Santa Fe, New Mexico


The design of industrial facilities can be especially rewarding for the right pairing of Owner and Architect.  Since the flow of process and the specialized nature of manufacturing equipment is unique to each project, close communication of Owner and Architect is essential.

The architect however is especially responsible for creating an attractive public presentation consistent with business identity and branding.  A thoughtful site layout (including landscape design) can be an integral part of the solution.  The architect is also responsible to assure that the building is appropriately energy and resource efficient.

A comfortable work environment can help to maintain employee productivity.  The building design can support this goal by including ample daylighting, as well as high-quality break room, changing and restroom facilities.


Peyote Bird Design by Allegretti Archiects in Santa Fe, NM

Peyote Bird Design, Santa Fe, NM

Rawhide Compound by Allegretti Archiects in Santa Fe, NM

Rawhide Compound, Santa Fe, NM

Gas Company of New Mexico - Santa Fe Headquarters

New Mexico Gas Company, Santa Fe

The Food Depot by Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Food Depot, Santa Fe, NM








Since 1992, Allegretti has been principal of a  Santa Fe architecture firm and has created elegant homes and buildings in Northern New Mexico.  Allegretti specializes in green building and sustainable design.