New Mexico Gas Company Headquarters


Allegretti Architects Santa Fe, New Mexico

Gas Company of New Mexico - Santa Fe Headquarters


The New Mexico Gas Company Headquarters is an 18,000 square-foot industrial building in Santa Fe County.  The business separated from its parent electrical utility in 2008 and moved into its newly constructed facility.  The New Mexico Gas Company provides natural gas service to more than 500,000 customers here in New Mexico and maintain 12,000 miles of natural gas pipelines across the state.

Opeations in Santa Fe County are managed from this facility.  The building supports administrative offices, maintenance, dispatch, parts warehouse, and shop fabrication.  The intricate organization of the 2.5-acre site is accomodates loading, storage, parking and security whle meeting the development requirements of neighbors, community and municipal authorities.

Construction of the The New Mexico Gas Company headquarters was completed within a fast track schedule.


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