The Food Depot


Allegretti Architects Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Food Depot by Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Food Banking:
The concept behind food banking is simply this – find safe and healthy surplus food that’s no longer wanted and get it to the people who need it most.  The good news is:  there’s more than enough surplus food in this country to provide all the emergency food assistance that’s needed. The challenge is to gather and distribute that food.

The Food Depot Organization
The Food Depot in Santa Fe, NM is a non-profit business whose mission is to solicit food through collaborative relationships with industry, government and other food banks.  This food is then distributed through more than one hundred local partner agencies to people in need.

The Food Depot Building:
In support of the above goals, the Food Depot has developed a 16,000 square-foot warehouse and administrative headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The facility can store up to one thousand tons of food including large refrigerated and frozen storage.  An attached administrative structure accommodates offices, volunteer facilities, community education classrooms and a demonstration kitchen.  Building systems will consist of a combination of steel and wood structures.

The project was built by  Sarcon Construction of Santa Fe, NM.

Food Depot Floor Plan by Allegretti Architects, Santa Fe, NM


Greg Allegretti is principal of an architecture firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico which has been crafting elegant sustainable designs for homes and buildings since 1992.