Medical Architecture


Allegretti Architects Santa Fe, New Mexico

Architectural Elevation: Medical Center by Allegretti Archiects in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Pecos Valley Medical Center by Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Pecos Valley Medical Center, Pecos, NM

Carefree Assisted Living Center by Allegretti Architects inSanta Fe, NM

Carefree Assisted Living, Santa Fe, NM

Street View of Plaza Real, Santa Fe, NM by Allegretti Architects

Balachanda Audiology Suite, Santa Fe, NM

 Medical facilities are among the most complex of all building types.  Patients, staff and equipment circulate along complicated and intertwined paths.  Designs for mechanical and electrical systems which support these activities can be just as intricate.  Yet despite the technical face of the clinical experience, an architect must assure that the health care environment lends emotional support to patients during a time of extreme stress.  The design of therapeutic buildings can help in this goal with subtle design elements that can sooth and comfort patients, families and visitors.


For twenty years, Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe has created distinctive homes and buildings appropriate to Northern New Mexico.  Allegretti enjoys sustainable design and green building.