Pecos Valley Medical Center


Allegretti Architects

Pecos Valley Medical Center by Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Pecos Valley Medical Center is a non-profit rural health clinic providing general health care resources for the Village of Pecos and its surrounding region.  In 1998, the clinic built and opened its new 5,000 square foot home.

The new clinical facilities include triage, X-ray, nurse’s station, a small laboratory, pharmacy, exam and treatment rooms.  Supporting facilities include reception and waiting area, administrative offices and medical records.  A large community room expands the building’s use providing the village with a much-needed venue for community activities.

The building’s architecture makes the most of a limited budget. This was accomplished by organizing the plan to fit into a simple structural system and by creative use of modest materials.  Construction costs for the building, including site improvements totaled less than $100 per square foot.

Allegreti Architects also designed a 1.500 square foot dental addition which was completed two years later.

Pecos Valley Medical Center was built by Lockwood Construction of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The dental addition was built by Melvin Barella Construction of Pecos, New Mexico.

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