SITE Santa Fe


Allegretti Architects, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Exhibit Space at SITE Santa Fe by Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Exhibit Space: Photo by Eric Swanson


SITE Santa Fe - Biennial 2008Founded in 1995, SITE Santa Fe is a private not-for-profit contemporary arts organization committed to  providing an ongoing venue for exhibitions of artists who merit international recognition. Its International Biennial Exhibits constitute a crucial part of this mission.  SITE Santa Fe is housed in an 18,000 square-foot building located in the Santa Fe Railyard Dstrict.  This building was originally a beer warehouse.  SITE has adapted this facility over a period of many years to meet the needs of a modern exhibit space.  Since 1998, Allegretti has supported the institution with ongoing architectural services for many projects:

  • Regular periodic exhibit re modelings and exhibit installations.
  • Remodeling for special biennial exhibits
  • Construction of a 3,500 sf workshop addition
  • Structural and life Safety improvements – including a dry pipe fire protection system.

In executing these responsibilities, Allegretti has been privileged to work with designers and curators of international renown.

Workshop Addition at SITE Santa Fe by Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe, New mexico


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For twenty years, Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe has created distinctive residential and commercial architecture appropriate to the traditions and environment of Northern New Mexico.