White Mud


Alllegretti Architects Santa Fe, New Mexico

White Mud - Contemporary Architecture of Santa Fe, New Mexico


The design for this 2600 square foot Santa Fe custom home incorporates dramatic sculptural features at the entrance portal, creating a unique southwestern character.  The style proceeds inside with a clean contemporary interior illuminated by copious natural light.  Windows and glass doors are sheltered by recessing them deeply into thick south-facing walls.  The fenestration results in a strong passive solar performance.

A hi-tech kitchen, grand piano and simple southwest fireplace are softly connected by unpainted white plaster walls.  These curved surfaces wind through the open plan.  The repeating pairs of south facing glass doors admit unspoiled mountain views.  Living areas continue to the outside with a pergola and a walled patio area.  The home incorporates an elegant low-key lighting design which is the architect’s signature.


Interior Photo of White Mud by Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Architect floor plan of White Mud in Santa Fe, New Mexico


For twenty years, the Allegretti Architect firm in Santa Fe has created distinctive architecture for Northern New Mexico.   Allegretti specializes in sustainable design and green building.