Allegretti Architects, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Architect Model of Magdelena Compound by Allegretti Architects in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Allegretti Architects offers the following in-house services:

Pre-design Services:
-  Site Evaluation
-  Architect’s Building Code Analysis
-  Feasibility Studies

-  Assessment of Client Needs
-  Architect’s Budget Analysis

Design Services:
-  Schematic Design
-  Design Development
-  Site Design
-  Lighting Design
-  Detailed Architect’s Cost Estimating
-  Model Making

Contract Documents:
-  Working Drawings
-  Architect’s Specifications
-  Contract Preparation

Bidding Administration:
-  Bid Procurement
-  Contract Negotiations

Construction Administration:
-  Architect on-site Inspections
-  Punch-list and Close-out

Post-Construction Services:
-  Architect Warranty Inspections
-  Architect Follow-up Inspections

Allegretti Architects offers the following consultant services in a coordinated context:

Design Services:
-  3D Virtual Modeling and Rendering
…….By Anou Mirkine Designs

Engineering Services:
-  Soils and Geo-Engineering
-  Civil Engineering
-  Structural Engineering
-  Mechanical Engineering
-  Electrical Engineering
-  Fire Protection Engineering

-  Land Surveying
-  Land Planning
-  Landscape Design
-  Acoustic Design
-  Archeological Investigations


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